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Training today is one of the important factors in the development of business organizations and increase their effectiveness and Productive , and also the human element in the development of the organization is the cornerstone of change, and provide better services to the organization public.

Recently , the kingdom live a comprehensive developmental renaissance, reflected on all aspects of economic life and management of all, Since contributing to the development of the Kingdom in the ranks of advanced countries in the economic, administrative and human.

The Center believes that the training process is a permanent partnership between the training organization and the organization. In this sense, the Third Millennium Training Center is proud to be a permanent partner of training and development organizations. It has the capacity to design training programs according to requirements and within our training areas Approved


To be a leader and excellence in the field of training and human resources development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Qualifying and training human resources in the public and private sectors in the Kingdom on the best practices and applications in the various training fields in which they work


Contribute to the development of the work of governmental and private institutions

Developing the capacities of public and private sector employees

Participate in the development renaissance that the Kingdom is experiencing through the training sector

Meeting the training needs of institutions and individuals in various fields

Dedicate the importance of training and rehabilitation of institutions and individuals in the development and development

Improve the performance of trainees




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